Okay those guys are amazing! I have 4 cats so it is close to impossible to pack them in crates for grooming and nail trimming everyone. they are on time, professional and keep you happy. they will follow instructions because everyone thinks their cat or dog is the only one in the world and so do I. they honestly treated my cats like it’s theirs. I will continue to use them as they are local too so they get here quick!!
Yousef H.

Wow what an amazing mobile dog grooming service I happy to have discovered this company. My friend Eric referred me about this service because he loved how they treated his dog as well. I am looking forward to utilizing their service monthly and refer it to my CSUN colleagues. And it’s real perfect that this service is the valley and it’s amazing that they have been doing breezy work for the last 7 years. They are fast and efficient Mel is the best person in the world and I’m glad I’m able to trust somebody else to trim and give my dogs the appropriate haircut. They groom there dogs in their sprinter van I would suggest everybody to utilize their service right now. I can see them taken over the mobile dog grooming business.
Ladi S.

I’m so glad I found this place! I have a dog that doesn’t “do” grooming, since he is a rescue dog. He is terrified of scissors, clippers, and baths. However, I still need to have him groomed, and I’ve tried several groomers and it hasn’t been easy to find a groomer that makes me dog feel at ease. Many of the places I’ve tried have made my dog nervous. The groomer at OMGrooming is very sweet! I can’t wait what it is about the groomer here, but something about the groomer makes my normally nervous little dog feel relaxed about his nail trim! My dog never flicked or was shaken in terror, which is fantastic! It feels so good to have found a place in which my dog feels comfortable! They are amazing here! I completely recommend and trust them with my dog anytime!
Laura R.

This is the second time I’m using this company for Rocky our dog, he’s is rescue German Sheperd great personality but he gets a little anxious around other dogs, I can’t take him to a grooming salon over the weekend and I’m so glad I found this mobile dog grooming for this big boy. Thanks for bringing a grooming salon to our parking lot.
Shaun L.